About Us

The Franzen Group, founded in 1838 yet still family owned and run, enjoys a long tradition of manufacturing excellence and today employs more than 300 people in its own factories and sales outlets in the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the Far East.
Having developed world class production facilities in carefully chosen areas, we can offer you a unique combination of hi-level engineering and low-cost production.Thanks to our medium sized structure, we are able to individually customize solutions with flexibility and quick decisions from first ideas of a new product to mass production.In addition to our standard range of products we offer custom-tailored solutions starting from product development and engineering to prototype- and tool making, to mass production including quality control.

Striving to secure the long-term success of our group we are focusing on innovation, inter-nationality and the commitment to total quality management – in the sense of an efficient and successful collaboration to the content of all our partners:

  • Customer satisfaction at rising levels of demand
  • Fair collaboration with suppliers as a base for long-term success for both parties
  • Motivated staff through team spirit and continuous striving for improvement
  • Shareholder value through continued growth and positive results

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.


Franzen has ongoing relationships with hundreds of reliable factories thoughout Asia and Europe and proposes to help you source parts and products of all types.