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Luggage, Case & Handbag Hardware

Franzen International supplies luggage, case and handbag hardware to major manufacturers including many of the world's leading brands. We have a large inventory of stock items or can modify any of these models to meet your custom requirements.



 luggage handle, case handle  


We stock handles that fix with prongs, rivets or screws in black or chrome and black. Molded, injection molded and paded models. We can also adjusts these standard models to meet your custom requirements.

 brass strap buckle



We manufacture over 37 different models of die cast strap buckles
 in brass, antique brass, black, gold color and nickel. Selecte from amongst these or send us your specs and we will custom make them for you.

case hinges



We manufacture and stock luggage and case hinges in black brass and nickel.



Continuous Hinges

Franzen supply's many sizes of Continuous hinge. The most common sizes are overall length are 12", 16", 25", 28" & 34" at fully-extended width 1-1/2" x 0.9mm thick, 3.4mm hole dia. and 3" hole centers. Holes sizes and spacing can be modified at a minimum tooling cost.






Retractable Extension Handles

We manufacture various sizes of 2, 3 & 4 stage extension handles for luggage and luggage hand trucks.

 luggage wheels



Luggage Wheels

We manufacture inline wheels/roller blade wheels without housing for luggage.






Luggage Wheels in housing

We manufacture inline wheels/roller blade wheels with housing for luggage.




Lid Stays

We stock various models of case lid stays covering sizes from 4" to 9".
Colors: Black, Brass, Nickel, Zinc

 luggage handle posts


Handle Posts
We manufacture different styles of handle posts.
Colors: Black, Brass, Matt-Chrome, Nickel,

 Cabinet locking handle



4 dial combination locking Swing Handle with key override
For biohazard cabinets, safety cabinets and computer enclosures











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